Who I am

I am a photographer for weddings based in Siena

My name is Filippo, I was born in 1976 in Siena, the city where I still live today.
I am a professional photographer.
My passion began as a child while I observed my family enjoying, with skill and great transport, black and
white photography and the subsequent development in the darkroom.
Those gestures, those images, that slowly took shape, as if by magic, left an important mark inside me,
which led me to wish that that passion, already inherent in my family and therefore in my DNA, became
a real profession.
That's why, after a course of study that led me to have the basics for a more conscious and technically
professional photography and to refine my technique, photography is now my business.
In these years I have constantly updated myself on all the news in this field, the equipment, the methods
of realization and post production. I work in wedding photography in Siena and its province, in Tuscany.
The region in which I live, famous for its beautiful countryside, becomes in this way the setting and the
theatre where many couples in love get married and come to marry. It is an ideal land that makes it
particularly favorable to the celebrations for the historicity of the places, for the beautiful landscapes of
Chianti, Val d'Arbia and Val d'Orcia, and the whole Tuscan countryside of Siena
Every time I am contacted for a wedding I ask 'curious' the distance between the place of the ceremony
and the wedding reception, to better identify the various locations to stop with the couple for some
particular and nice pictures on the way to.
Weddings are often held in important historical centers or buildings like the Abbey of San Galgano,
Pienza, Montepulciano ,San Gimignano, Cortona and so on, all places full of art and history, where the
architecture allows exceptional and unique photographic locations.
In my opinion, in fact, there is never a photo like or similar to another ... I like to put, in addition to
technique and experience, my soul in each shot thus giving unique characteristics to each image. It is the
wedding itself that according to the personality and choices of the future wedding couple that becomes
unrepeatable in the moment, in the feelings, in the shots of the photo.
After all this I can, therefore, offer you a very flexible and personalized wedding photo shoot, which can
range from the reportage style to the more traditional one.
I am living based in Siena, my studio is in Via Largo Sassetta, 19 ,53100 Siena but this work allows me to
propose myself as a wedding photographer throughout Tuscany and wherever I am being called.
Another theme very dear to my interest is the after wedding phase, the resulting of your union.The
pregnancy and the children, the families, will find their space in the maternity photo shoots and the
family photos, with photo shoots taken place both in my studio and in beautiful external locations.