What’s your style?
I have my own reportage style and I like to capture the moment of the various situations that arise although I do not mind a more classic style when required

In which areas do you work?
I have my studio in Siena but I am able to move wherever my work is appreciated.

How to book your services ?
You can make an appointment at my studio where I can show you my work and provide you with all the packages, the various possibilities that I offer. If the distance does not allow you to visit me, you can contact me by email or phone.
Once I have established which is the best service for you, I will have you sign a contract specifying all the characteristics of the package you have chosen. The economic aspect includes the request of a 30% deposit of 30% and the balance on delivery of the work completed.

Albums, prints and images delivered?
I can offer you a choice of photo books with excellent print quality and various covers
Delivery time
Usually delivered from 30 you 90 days


What is the best time to do the service?
The maternity photo shoot is recommended between the 28th and 36th week. It is usually better not to get too close to the time of birth.

Where will the service take place?
The service can be carried out either in my office or outdoors – How does it work?
It has a duration of about an hour and a half and if you wish, your partner can also participate, I will provide you with various items of clothing but you can also bring everything that puts you at ease (such as clothing). The only indication is that the clothes you will wear must be plain and mostly neutral colors.

What does the photo shoot include?
The photo shoot includes the time dedicated to you, the planning and its realization. The service does not include the transfer of files in high resolution or in native format, prints panels or photo books. It instead included a sample from 30 to 50 photos. Each photo can be purchased separately or in packages that provide for the various types of printing and solutions.

Rental of the studio

Where is the studio?
In Siena, just outside the city centre, near Porta Ovile, in via largo Sassetta n.19 with the possibility of four parking spaces.

Is it possible to rent it by the hour?
Of course. The space can be rented by the hour, half day or full day. If you send me an email or call me I will give you all the information you need.

How is it composed ?
It is divided into three rooms, office area, lounge with limbo 5x5m, dressing room and bathroom.

Is it possible during the rental period to be followed by an assistant?
During the rental period a person will always be present to show you the environment and provide you with the equipment you need. If agreed,the same or another person can follow you in all the phases of the realization of your work, of course this is an additional cost :-).

What kind of equipment do you have ?
The studio is equipped with paper backdrops, flash lights, continuous lights and light modifiers, stands and giraffes, so light is not a problem.